2010 was the year in which M Sea Pharma was founded having morden state of art manufacturing facility at Paonta Sahib, an industrial area that is 120 Kilometers away from Chandigarh.


Today, M Sea Pharma's have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. M Sea Pharma's strong presence in healthcare industry is a proof of it's capability to manufacture high quality oral liquid formulations.

The plant is fully complies with international manufacturing standards ensuring world-class quality in design, equipment, operations and products in our manufacturing facility.

As we are committed towards quality services, our manufacturing facilities are developed with distinct areas as Administration Area, Change Room Area, Raw Material Storage Area, Packing Material Storage Area etc. So the implementation of standards and rules can be easy and smooth way.

About Our Manufacturing Premise
  • Flooring and ceiling has been done as per WHO GMP norms.
  • Storage Facility: Separate Storage Facility for raw material, primary packing material, packing material and finished products.
  • Where required, AHUs are provided in manufacturing and quality control departments. Details are provided in a separate sheet as Annexure.
  • Workers Facility: Separate change rooms, toilets and uniforms are provided for gents & Ladies.
  • All the areas including Manufacturing, Storage, Packing and Quality Control Department are having controlled air handling system.
  • There are total 32 Air Handling Units serving all the area separately.
  • Temperature and Humidity control is provided wherever require.
  • The Air Handling System ensures prevention of cross contamination in totality.
  • Gradient positive pressure is constantly maintained and monitored for all the areas.
  • Efficiency of air is verified periodically in respect of Air Velocity particulate matter and Air changes.
  • Company has own bore well and water from bore well is stored in underground storage tank of 10000 Lit Capacity.
  • From there the water is stored in the overhead tank, on terrace.
  • The water is softened and passed through R.O. Water Plant, twice.
  • The R.O. Water is then stored in S.S. Storage tank.
  • The R.O. Water is supplied to different departments through continuous S.S. Loop System.
  • The R.O. Water is supplied to Mix Bed which generates the Purified Water.
  • After getting approval for purified water, it is stored in S.S. Storage tank.
  • From purified water storage tank, the purified water is supplied to the different areas by continuous S.S. Loop system.
  • Both the R.O. and Purified Water are passed through U.V. treatment before supply to the departments
Major Production and Control Laboratories Equipment:

All Equipment has Proper Identification No and contact part made up of Stainless still 316 and easily Detachable/Removable for Cleaning and washing.

Cleaning and Sanitation:

All the manufacturing areas and equipment's are cleaned and maintained in tidy condition by following Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).