M Sea Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide Quality, Purity, Identity, Safe and Efficacious Pharmaceutical Formulations to meet all pre-determined standards like ISO 9001-2015, GLP, WHO GMP certifications as mentioned in various National and International regulatory guidelines.

We shall also commit to implement Current GMP as per WHO Guideline and revised Schedule M of Drugs and Cosmetic Act 1940 for day to day activities in Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Documentation, Risk Management system, utility system, distribution channels and Pharma co-vigilance program.

We shall also commit to implement the Total Quality Management (TQM) System for the production of quality formulations to meet different Pharmacopoeial monographs (IP/BP/USP/NF/EP) for the benefit of customer satisfaction at affordable prices.

The management also strives with above quality systems and is committed for better productivity, regulatory compliance, consistency in quality, safety & efficacy of different pharmaceutical formulations moving in international commerce.

Quality has been an integral part of all our activities and operations. All the raw materials are sourced from dependable vendors. Highly qualified & skilled personnel, on state of the art instruments, perform all these procedures. Stringent in-house specification ensures dependable efficacy, high safety and superior stability. Our 80% manufacturing operations are automatic, assuring consistent production quality.

Quality Objectives

Vision:   Assured quality

Commitment:   Production of quality medicines

Aim:   Our aim is to produce quality products in affordable manner

Efforts:  Satisfaction of our customers

Culture:   Development of Positive Attitude, Knowledge, Quality base on Humanity

Philosophy:   We have to use the medicines for our family members. This inspires us to observe Good Manufacturing Practice & Quality Control resulting in assured quality products.

Reliability Through

  • Qualified and trained technical staff
  • Sophisticated and routinely calibrated and qualified instruments
  • Well defined Specifications and Standard Test Procedures
  • Analytical Method Validation
  • Stability testing